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Hi 👋

My name is Luke and I am a software developer. Back in 2008, I was a curious, nerdy teenager with a love for new tech. As it turned out this curiosity led me to become a software developer.

What I was rocking when iPhone was released 🤘

iPhone was released in 2007 and the world went crazy about it! I was 14 back then and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Funny enough I wasn’t very nerdy at the time, but something pushed me toward Apple’s new phone.

Now, let’s go back 14-ish years.

I was a chubby kid with a Nokia N76 in his…

Hi 👋

I am Luke and I am a software developer and I love learning new things. Every day is an opportunity to improve myself and do something!

I started my Flutter series as my input to the community. It feels great. When I feel some topics are neglected or not talked about enough I try to jump in.

Managing a business logic is one of them so I jump 😉

Let’s see how YOU can better manage your app business logic.

Simple — use monorepo... But what is it? 🧐

For those who don't know, monorepo is a software development strategy to store multiple projects in a single…

Hi 👋 My name is Luke and I am a software developer. During my years of working with JS package managers, I’ve never thought things could be done differently. I just accepted that it works as it works. Until I started working with Flutter. Something clicked. Here are my thoughts 👇

I’ll mainly compare Flutter package/dependency management soluton to npm since most major front-end frameworks have it build in.

1. What we’re all used to and how Flutter does it

Most front-end frameworks are built around package managers like npm, that download and store dependencies in every project directory under well known, dark whole size, directory node_modules.

In this article, I’ll be talking about Navigator 1.X. If you’re interested in Navigator 2.0 please find other article.

Hi, I am Luke and I am a software developer.

My biggest Flutter project started in March 2020. Looking back, it was quite a journey! From the very beginning I was worried about two things:

  • How to handle navigation
  • Dependency Injection. What would be the best solution in this case?

The second one was quickly handled by using get_it package which I am using to this day and I am not complaining. …

Hi I am Luke and I am software developer.

Since I’ve chosen a very bold title I need to elaborate a bit more on it. FYI I do think technically Flutter is a cross-platform framework.

But bear with me...

Since the release of Flutter 2.0, I began to see the hype going a little bit too far. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of Flutter and I will forever be an advocate for it.

I use Flutter in my daily work building iOS and Android app. Every day I see the advantages and disadvantages of Flutter since…

Hello, coders!

I am Luke and I am a Flutter dev. Here is my setup 😉

As a full-time Flutter developer, with a few good years of commercial experience, I can say a good environment is something that can boost your productiveness by quite a lot!

This came as surprise to me how much I would love Microsoft Visual Studio Code. You know… Microsoft. The flexibility of this tool is remarkable. I’ve programmed using it with PHP, JavaScript, Typescript, Dart, Go, Bash, etc (HTML and CSS — not included). Not even that it can support EVERY language, but It can…

Centralized facebook with its future competition.

Little about me and why I am talking about that?

I am a software engineer and I love my job. Not only that, after work, I like to sit and try to think about new ideas on how to make the world a better place.

Last year I changed my higher-paying job in a semi-corporate software house to a med-tech start-up that is focused on helping human beings. I had a lot of roles during the years, basically, I was doing what had to be done.

Recently I had a realization that there are major changes happening in the tech world right now so that's the main reason for this…

Nowadays, almost every app uses icons, we basically live in the renaissance of iconography. Your icon amount can vary between a few to hundreds, depending on your app specification. While working full-time as a Flutter developer, I have to work closely with our UI design team, which loves creating custom icons for the app we are currently working on. This approach gives our creation a unique characteristic, differing our application from the crowd. Unfortunately, at first, there was a cost to this. The icons were not scalable and they’ve made our app heavier and heavier. …

Since you are here I assume you’ve read the title. Since we cleared that out next question may be: “What the hell does he mean by API Enum mapping?”. Thanks for asking!

In Dart, we have a special class that represents a group of constants. When discussing OOP usually we see en examples like this.

Imagine we have a car:

We can see that the brand of the car is a type of CarBrand. Then we can assume the enum for that will look like:

Then if we write some function with those objects in mind:

The problem of making certain element visible in a long list is very common. During my beginnings in Flutter, I didn’t find a good solution so I moved on to other, more fun stuff. Recently I had to revisit the problem and the solution came immediately.I can talk about two different approaches to this problem.

You can scroll to a certain element using a scroll controller. The scroll action itself needs to be wrapped in addPostFrameCallback because only when we have a list we can proceed with working with it.

Want to read this story later? …

Luke Urban

Med-tech Flutter developer. #tech and #programming enthusiast, (some)content-creator. If you need some software related advice feel free to ask me on Twitter.

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