Is it the end of Facebook? Tech decentralization in general

Luke Urban
6 min readJan 18, 2021
Centralized facebook with its future competition.

Little about me and why I am talking about that?

I am a software engineer and I love my job. Not only that, after work, I like to sit and try to think about new ideas on how to make the world a better place.

Last year I changed my higher-paying job in a semi-corporate software house to a med-tech start-up that is focused on helping human beings. I had a lot of roles during the years, basically, I was doing what had to be done.

Recently I had a realization that there are major changes happening in the tech world right now so that's the main reason for this article.

Normally I try to avoid speculations, but I feel that my experience and knowledge sum up to a good, valid opinion.

What do I mean by tech in general?

The technical part — The software.

The first change in tech I lived through happened a few years back when the programming world was overtaken by the global phenomenon of microservices architecture.

For those who are less programming oriented. Software architecture, in the most simple definition, is the set of rules that a team of programmers agreed on to make a project easily maintainable and expandable.

“Since the down on time” developers were developing projects feature by feature and weren't thinking about particular architecture. That way of programming led to the creation of monster-like projects no one wanted to touch due to their size and complicity. Nowadays we refer to them as monoliths.

On the contrary, microservice architecture meant to separate the application into smaller, easily maintainable pieces, each corresponding to some kind of functionality.

To help you understand the concept I’ve prepared a graphic representation of a simple project written as a monolith and in the microservice architecture.

Brief visual difference representation between monolith and microserve architecture

People realized it's easier to create a team of coders responsible f.e. for making…



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