You are not a full-stack developer* (*probably)

Luke Urban
5 min readApr 27, 2022
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I work in IT since 2015. Back then I looked at my full-stack dev friends with a fair amount of admiration and a lot of respect.

Years passed and I realized that being in IT is quite similar to being an actor — you either pretend to know the answer to every question or you’re hiding your frustrations about your day-to-day work (obviously with exceptions).

In my career path, I met a lot of developers and came to the conclusion that almost none of them were really full-stack devs, and that the concept of full-stack dev should be changed.

Let me explain.

A little bit of history…

At the beginning of THE INTERNET, there was something we know as web1.0 — the static era, where we realized that this is the way of the future.

Everyone wanted the spot on the WEB. They wanted to be found, but there was a problem. Not a lot of people knew how to achieve that. Hence the birth of the webmaster.

A webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or more websites (…) — Wikipedia

That person, with almost magical abilities, helped people to be discovered on the world wide web and it definitely worked.

Like everything, the time of web1.0 came to an end and was replaced by web2.0 — the user-generated driven, dynamic, responsive web we know today.

But the early days of web2.0 were a bit different as well.

In 2021 almost 60% of the world population have internet access ( 59.5% — according to statista) that’s 4.66 BILLION active users which makes the current system.

As a comparison 2006 in that number was around 17% — with a smaller world population that gives us little over 1 billion people.

That’s almost 5 times more people using the web. So it’s safe to say — that maintaining systems nowadays is so more…



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